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We're donating to the NHS

Supporting the NHS

Shopping Slot pledges to give 20% of profits to support NHS Charities as a thank you for being our everyday heroes during this crisis.


Social Responsibility

We please ask if you are fit and well, to visit your local shop instead of shopping online. This will increase the number of home delivery slots to those who are most in need. Thank you.

Our Story

Our mission is to keep online shopping simple. We aim to save time and stress, so your energy can be focused on the more important aspects of life, as well as prioritising the vulnerable and elderly.

Our co-founders, Jason & Sabrina, are excited to welcome you to Shopping Slot.

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Our pledge to you

What we can promise.
  • Shopping Slot is free to search and always will be free.

    Saves you time & stress from refreshing multiple websites (when now you can just check one!).

    Please remember, we are only a startup! We're investing the subscription money into software to recognise customers who are vulnerable and elderly. We tried doing this manually, but unfortunately, it was not sustainable. Please support us so we can support you.
What we can't do.
  • Cannot hold, reserve or prioritise slots.

    Cannot create newly available slots (that’s up to the supermarkets!).

    Cannot guarantee that your slot will remain available (it is your responsibility to go onto the supermarket's website and book the delivery).

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Funding to support those in need

During a time of uncertainty, we want to support our vulnerable and elderly the best we can. However, we are a start-up. Join our GoFundMe page to help support us, so we can support those who could value our services the most. Thank you.

Supporting local businesses

Shopping Slot wants to support local businesses who are offering click and collect or home delivery services. To nominate a business, please submit details here.

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