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We are desperately trying to raise funds so we can continue to run this service for customers like Amanda. 'Being shut away from everyone, even loved ones for 12 weeks is really hard in so many ways, then adding to that the constant worry of not having the security of being able to get much-needed supplies delivered is so stressful. What you have created is a lifeline so for that I would like to say a huge THANK YOU.'

We are currently hosting a ‘Go Fund Me’ page which can be found here.

1. Visit our home page & type in your postcode.
2. Go through until your results.
3. Press the ‘Get Started’ button.
4. Continue onto the registration page.

1. Visit our website and press ‘My Account’ on the right-hand side.
2. Log into your account.
3. Press the ‘Cancel subscription’ red button on the home page.

1. Visit our website and press ‘My Account’ on the right-hand side.
2. Press ‘forgotten password’.
3. Enter in your email address associated with your account.
4. Log onto your email and find the ‘reset password notification’ sent from us.
5. Press the ‘Reset Password’ button on the screen.
6. Follow the instructions on the screen.

We are working on updating your dashboard so you can

We currently cover most of the UK apart from Ireland. We are working on expanding!

We are working on it! Please nominate your supplier choice here.

We are currently using Stripe as our payment method. We will look to include PayPal in the future.

Shopping Slot is super simple to use.

Type in your postcode
We check your local supermarkets to see if there are any spaces available
Your search results will appear on the next screen

Yes! Just enter your postcode into our search bar and it’ll generate your localised results. We do offer a monthly subscription of £3.99 (Cancel anytime), which allows you to receive emails when a slot becomes available in your local area.

Our subscription service is ideal for those who don't want to continuously be updating their search results.
Shopping Slot's responsibility is to let you know when slots are available. If there is no availability in your area, this means the supermarkets have not released any new slots. We would love to add some new slots, but unfortunately, that’s not up to us!
We are working on it! As we are a startup company, we haven’t got the software to confirm if customers fall into this category. We tried doing this manual, but unfortunately, it was not sustainable admin wise without this software. We have a go fund me Page which is helping us fund this.
Your monthly subscription allows us to continue developing this service. It gives you access to email notifications when a local shopping slot becomes available. You can log onto your account and change the frequency of the maximum times you would like to be contacted. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time.
Unfortunately, this service is no longer available. We are also trying to create software which allows us to reserve slots for the vulnerable and elderly. Our go fund me page can be found here.
Firstly, awesome work for adapting to home delivery! You are able to nominate or apply to be added to our website by submitting details here.

You may contact us here, please note that we're extremely busy with a current wait time of 2 working days.

Our pledge to you

What we can promise.
  • Shopping Slot is free to search and always will be free.

    Saves you time & stress from refreshing multiple websites (when now you can just check one!).

    Please remember, we are only a startup! We're investing the subscription money into software to recognise customers who are vulnerable and elderly. We tried doing this manually, but unfortunately, it was not sustainable. Please support us so we can support you.
What we can't do.
  • Cannot hold, reserve or prioritise slots.

    Cannot create newly available slots (that’s up to the supermarkets!).

    Cannot guarantee that your slot will remain available (it is your responsibility to go onto the supermarket's website and book the delivery).

Start searching!

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